Humidome - Shuttlecock Humidifier

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Humidome - shuttlecock humidifier

Humidome - shuttlecock humidifier is an easy to use product that maximises the durability of your feather shuttlecocks by increasing the humidity inside the shuttlecock tube.

As every badminton player knows, feather shuttlecocks break and replacing shuttlecock can be very expensive. But humidifying the shuttlecocks will help them last longer and reduce cost. Humidome, shuttlecock humidifier will help to achieve that.

How does Humidome work?

When you purchase a tube of shuttlecocks, the humidity inside the tube is often extremely low, meaning that the dry shuttles are very brittle and break prematurely.

As humidity is the single most important factor in increasing a feather shuttlecock's life span, Humidome works by creating and maintaining a high level of humidity inside your shuttlecock tube. The shuttles will then absorb this humidity, and last a lot longer.

By maximising the durability of your shuttles, you will save money through decreased shuttlecock consumption.

How to use Humidome?

You can watch below video and can learn how to use humidome - shuttlecock humidifier. Its as easy as that.

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Humidome - Shuttlecock Humidifier

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