Li Ning Aeronaut 9000D Badminton Racquet

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Li Ning Aeronaut 9000D Badminton Racquet USA CANADA - UNSTRUNG RACKET

The LI NING AERONAUT 9000D badminton racquet is built on the Aeronaut Technology Platform that has a unique air-stream channel integrated into the racket head. This reduces air resistance which helps to generate faster shuttlecock speeds. It’s suitable for players looking for the best control with little to no sacrifice in power.

Li-Ning DRIVE Series badminton rackets feature a stiffer shaft and highly elastic head design for rapid repulsion power. Suitable for fast players that are skilled in switching quickly between offence and defense.

The racquet comes with premium thermal badminton racquet cover included. Strings are not included.

Please see available options below for professional stringing services performed on a cutting edge stringing machine using your choice of best-in-class badminton strings.



  • STRINGS: Custom Option -See stringing option
  • CASE: Premium thermal Included
  • COLOR: Blue, Yellow
  • MATERIAL: Military Grade Carbon Fiber
  • WEIGHT: 81 - 84 grams
  • GRIP SIZE: Extra Small 3 1/8"/79.4mm
  • GRIP LENGTH: 210mm
  • BALANCE POINT: 314mm
  • FLEX: Stiff
  • TENSION: Vertical 26-30 lbs, Horizontal 28-32 lbs

Li Ning Aeronaut 9000D Badminton Racquet TECHNOLOGIES:

DYNAMIC-OPTIMUM FRAME - Li Ning Aeronaut 9000D Badminton Racquet USA Canada
Li-Ning Aeronaut 9000D rackets are manufactured with a sweet spot that extends upward. The hitting point is moved higher, providing a larger defensive area. This considerably improves hitting velocity due to a wider stringed area and increased bounce strength.

HOT MELT- Li Ning Aeronaut 9000D Badminton Racquet USA Canada
Our proprietary process thoroughly mixes resins with carbon fibers to ensure all our rackets are manufactured in a uniform manner. This provides optimum strength and consistent performance no matter which racket you choose.

STABILIZED TORSION ANGLE- Li Ning Aeronaut 9000D Badminton Racquet USA Canada
With a Stabilized Torsion Angle, shots that are not hit with the sweet spot of the racket are designed to act almost as if they were. This torsion resistance performance allows the frame to remain stabilized for an even hitting surface.

CUBIC LOCKING- Li Ning Aeronaut 9000D Badminton Racquet USA Canada
These slim-grooved grommets lock in and protect the exposed portion of the string along the edges of the racket. They help provide shock absorption to make your shots even more accurate.

WING STABILIZER- Li Ning Aeronaut 9000D Badminton Racquet USA Canada
Introducing aviation technology to control the racket frame. After impact, Li-Ning rackets absorb unnecessary shaking from vibrations and restore the racket’s outer “wings” back to a precision performance mode. This readies the player for a quick, precise and stable follow up stroke.

TB NANO- Li Ning Aeronaut 9000D Badminton Racquet USA Canada
The nanometer technology combines the carbon fiber and resin more closely. This method provides better elasticity, stability and durability – resulting in more powerful striking.

FRTP TECH- Li Ning Aeronaut 9000D Badminton Racquet USA Canada
By changing the shaft’s recoil point, our rackets quickly bend and rebound back into position, so you are ready for the continuous volley and attack. NANOALLOY

MPCF REINFORCING TECHNOLOGY- Li Ning Aeronaut 9000D Badminton Racquet USA Canada
Li-Ning takes the extra step to avoid imperfections sometimes caused by machine processing of other rackets. By implementing multi-layer carbon fibers, the racket is crafted with strength and longevity in mind.

The Li Ning Aeronaut 9000D Badminton RACKET belong to Aeronaut Technology Series. It has slightly hard shaft and heavy swing, which is suitable for players who are good at offending with fast racket swing.

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Li Ning Aeronaut 9000D Badminton Racquet

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